unanswered The steps to restore a hacked Snapchat account?

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15/03/2022 13:10 #68 da getassist
For all ages, Snapchat has become one of the most sensitive applications. Because your personal photos and chats are stored here. Unfortunately, sometimes people's accounts got hacked if you want to know how to recover hacked snapchat . Follow my steps which about how to restore a hacked Snapchat account:
  • What should do if phone number and email id is same
  •  Click on the login button in Snapchat
  • To reset your password, click on the forgot password tab.
  • Enter email and phone number
  • Click on the link you will receive through email id or enter the OTP you will receive via phone.
  • After filling out the information, you will get again complete control on your account.
  • What should do if phone number and email id has been changed
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