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Occhi Azzurri has started its activity with this website, which aims to be the first place of interaction among those who, from different points of view, have been involved in our life history and who, together with us, deal with this genetic disease.

Occhi Azzurri wants to give a scientific connotation to the actions that it suggests thanks to the setting up of a scientific committee made up of specialists, doctors, therapists, operators of the sector meaning to cooperate professionally.

Occhi Azzurri also aims to carry out research and will consider establishing scholarships in the scientific field.

In the near future Occhi Azzurri is going to open an office for formative meetings, thematic days or evenings and support for families.
In the further future Occhi Azzurri is going to create a structure offering activities and facilities functional to Orlando’s growth and well-being and welcoming other families and children suffering from the same disease.