Scientific Commitee

What is the Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is the most important way to make our association grow and be known.

It is made up of a group of operators specializing in different branches of medicine; each doctor is in charge of a specific task inside a larger picture involving every stage of the development of Orlando and others who will be able to benefit from the activity of the working team.

The Scientific Committee is in charge with:


  • Finding and spreading sources;
  • Formulating intervention strategies;
  • Planning research activity and interdisciplinary coordination;
  • Stating scholarship, institution and publishing requirements.


We aim to inform, attract interest, find research activity direction, keeping as our ultimate aim the growth of Orlando and other children suffering from similar diseases in a polyhedral and interdisciplinary context.


The Scientific Committee is made up of genetics and neuropsychiatry experts, physiotherapists, psychomotrists and other specialists and operators in the field of learning and development.
The evolution of the child will involve the need to enlarge this scientific basis to several further specializations even through the development of an information network that will be able to expand in time thanks to the contribution of all those who will join the project.

Genetic research
Neuropsychiatric research
Other activities
Serafino CortiPsicologo delle disabilità
Prof. Cesare DanesinoMedico Genetista
Coordinatore del comitato scientifico.
Riccardo SabatiniRicercatore
Dott.ssa Elena CasottiNeuropsichiatra infantile
Jesaelle TarozziNeuropsicomotricista
Massimo DelledonneGenetista
Monica PennacchioDott.ssa in fisioterapista
Laura GambaMusicoterapeuta
Simona OrcesiNeuropsichiatra infantile
Dott. Pierangelo SpediniEmatologo



Operational headquarters:
Via Cappelletti 3 - 26100 Cremona (CR) Italy
Tel.: +39 0372 178 6698

President: Filippo
Tel.: +39 366 564 5847

Vice Presidente: Silvia
Tel.: +39 328 875 8435