Orlando attended S. Francesco public crèche and is now attending the P. Martini public nursery school . The excellent professionalism of all the staff together with their sensitivity has enabled Orlando to be integrated, looked after and helped to participate in daily activities.

Orlando is offered both individual and group activities, chosen according to the child’s growth and maturation level and the didactic-educational objectives to be reached.


“As a nursery school teacher and having to deal with disabled children I have known Orlando for the last two years. Orlando was a three-year-old child who had been attending a crèche section for about a year. Since the beginning I have been trying to promote his knowledge through careful observation and daily listening. Knowing that the key to understanding other people’s feeling is the ability to also read non-verbal messages (gestures, face expressions…) I started my work watching the child with great interest and without prejudices caused by his disease, paying more attention to signs that may signal well-being, such as smiles, feature relaxation, sudden motion interruptions. Such observation has enabled me to empathize with the child and understand him through this empathy, which is the ability to feel what the other feels and to perceive his subjective experience. To reach a deeper and deeper knowledge of Orlando but also to set up my intervention on a basis of continuity I immediately looked for a cooperative and shared relationship and dialogue with the family and therapists. A daily relationship and dialogue with the family has been established and active exchange of information has been favored in order to share the educational effort. Starting from this first stage, which has enabled me to pinpoint the strength and the weaknesses of the child I began educational experiences to stimulate and favor the reaching of our objectives by creating a serene environment conductive to knowledge through the senso-perceptive channel which is necessary to get to know oneself, other people and the world. During the activities conducted through play Orlando has had an opportunity to be with his mates in an environment suitable for his needs and to receive from them important stimuli for his growth. This educational journey is still going on at the nursery school and I can thank Orlando for all that hoping to be able to accompany him with serious continuity toward the discovery of himself and of ever increasing autonomy."



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