Neuropsychiatric research

Doctor Elena Casotti is in charge of Orlando at the Cremona UONPIA.

Child neuropsychiatry deals with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in the neurologic, psychiatric and neuropsychological fields in the developing age, from zero to eighteen years.

The main intervention sectors are:

  • Complex diseases with a high social impact, often starting early and characterized by disability;
  • Neurological conditions;
  • Psychological, behavioural and emotional troubles starting in the developing age.

Prevention and early intervention are the strategic pivot and the treatment takes place with a multidisciplinary and personalized approach addressing the person in his/her whole dimension and paying attention to the aspects of continuity and synergy accompanying the trouble as well as different life contexts; treatment therefore aims to decrease risk factors and increase personal and environmental protective factors.

The relationship with families and educational and social facilities is essential in the treatment.



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