Who we are

Occhi Azzurri (Blue Eyes) is a Voluntary Organization which has risen from a family’s need to deal with a rare genetic disease from which Orlando, one of the children suffers.

The Organization’s main aim is to promote the growth of Orlando and of other children suffering from similar diseases toward personal autonomy through a range of activities:

  • Widening scientific knowledge of the disease and updating of the evolution of studies, research, techniques and possible treatments through the interaction with specialists and rehabilitation operators, access to texts and magazines, participation in thematic conferences and events;
  • Linking with institutions, associations able to contribute to defining and realizing projects of growth and social inclusion of the child;
  • Supporting other families whose children suffer from the same disease.

famiglia Ruvioli


Email: info@occhiazzurrionlus.org
PEC: occhiazzurrionlus@messaggipec.it

Operational headquarters:
Via Cappelletti 3 - 26100 Cremona (CR) Italy
Tel.: +39 0372 178 6698

President: Filippo
Tel.: +39 366 564 5847