Orlando has been attending neurodevelopmental physiotherapy sessions . At first these aimed to:

  • Recover and reinforce muscular tone;
  • Attain and reinforce postures (from supine to lateral decubitus, prone, sitting, standing) and relative postural transitions;
  • Acquire basic motoric patterns (rolling, crawling, walking, catching, throwing).

In time these aims have been modified. Again through watching and reaching games we have introduced different more and more complex ways of moving in the environment: rolling, crawling, pivoting, climbing, standing, coastal navigation and forward walking pushing small chairs or trolleys.

These activities are completed by specific exercises to increase muscular tone.

The physiotherapist sessions take place twice a week at the Cremona UONPIA (Unità Operativa Neuropsichiatrica Infanzia e Adolescenza) and it is carried out by the physiotherapist, Monica Pennacchio.

At home such activities are repeated, thereby favouring the consolidation of the motoric patterns and mechanisms activated.



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